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Sporddy is the App to help you find personal trainers and individuals to practice your favorite sports and physical activities anytime and everywhere in the world.





Step 1: CHOOSE

Whether you want to find a Personal Trainer or a Sporddy (Sport Buddy)

Step 2: FILTER

Choose or change the sport, level, gender, max distance for your Sporddy or trainer/coach

Step 3: SEARCH

The App will match you with the nearest person or trainer that matches your filter specifications

Step 4: PLAY!

Now you are ready to play! With every sporddy session, you will gain wellness and will improve your overall health

  • Have a big pool of new clients

  • Manage your own time

  • Train people anywhere

  • Weekly challenges to earn more


As a Sporddy

  • Gain Wellness and improve your overall health

  • Find certify trainers 

  • Meet sports alike people

  • Learn new sports

  • Sports facility accessibility

  • Improve your game level

A Sporddy is your sports buddy who will be there anywhere and anytime.

As a Sporddy Trainer

Sporddy Personal Trainers are certified persons who have a deep knowledge of a sport and motivates you to set goals and achieve them.


Sporddy will bring closer those who share the same passion for sports.

"Find a trainer, a coach or simply a buddy to practice your favorite sport"

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Who we are and why we do what we do?

We are a team of entrepreneurs passionate about giving people an extraordinary product to better their health with a positive impact through sports for as many people as possible worldwide. With Sporddy we want to improve your life quality by motivating you to play, practice, and live your favorite sport and physical activities by being a Sporddy!

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